Hypnotherapy, NLP Courses, Working With Phobias

We make programs to help people become better hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners, for hobbyists that simply love neuro-linguistic programming or hypnosis and programs to help people get over phobias.


About Advancing Ideas LLC

I’m Keith Livingston and I proudly own and operate Advancing Ideas. You probably got here because you bought something from me and wonder who the heck I am or what the charge was on your credit card. Well, chances are, you purchased something from one of my sites listed below. Feel free to look below or contact me if you have any questions.

So, who am I? I train hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners and master Practitioners. I help people get started in the field too, with help in marketing a practice and setting up a practice. Plus, I still do a few NLP sessions and help people with phobias.

So if you’re here, you likely ran across me in one of those contexts 🙂

My Sites


hypnosis-course-all2_small1Hypnosis101.com provides NLP & Hypnosis training, tutorials, newsletters, courses, books, on-line courses and videos. There’s a hypnosis certification course, courses in rapport, hypnotic language, marketing a hypnosis practice, how to make hypnosis recordings for sale and more.

Education in Hypnosis & NLP


ebookcoverPhobiasCured.com offers help for those suffering from phobias of all sorts. I’ve worked with tons of people from all over the world with their phobias.

I’ve even been interviewed on national radio and tv about it. Wow, I sound really cool! Plus, I’m really modest.



International Hypnosis Association

I am the Director of Education for the International Hypnosis Association.
International Hypnosis Association